It's a start

It's just a tiny step forward, connecting to my first love; working with my hands. It's been 22 years since I attempted to throw a pot. Here it is in all it's centered-like-I'm-41 glory. Tomorrow I will attempt a foot. 

Feeling the process of centering the clay is like nothing else. The process is faster for me now, but keeping it centered while attempting to turn it into something is where I struggle. There is a mirror leaning on the wall in front of the wheel. I didn't understand it until I got going. A bit like riding a bike or, better yet, using a sewing machine. I know all the moves, I just need to find my way. 


When I was teaching I used this method below to help get the kids who struggled to create something tangible. This one is a meditation. Small rolled balls squished into a form. The next day I removed the form and centered the base so it won't roll around once fired. 

When I'm at the studio, I need something to figure out. If I lose the struggle, I lose interest and want to go home and binge watch - whatever. This is the work.