Practice Detachment

This was the first day I entered with a mission. It's been such a long time since I've been in this work. There are so many experiments running through my mind. I started by creating an equilateral triangle the width of the nearest straight edge (a box for a broken thermostat). I used the same triangle and joined them all into a form. Slowly learning how to keep the flats the flat and the seams strong, yet smooth. Each joint is different. I got completely lost in this process. Five hours later, I completed the form, created the slab cup and scrapper critter, then called home to give an update. Before I arrived, I picked up some roasted tomato and fennel soup and my favorite tortilla chips. I ate half before I started and thankfully saved some for the end of my day.

I remember this feeling. Starving, uncomfortable, forgetting my body's needs and just being in this space of creating. The last time I felt this was 11 years ago when I took time off work to paint. I produced some of my greatest work during those three weeks. I'm obsessed with trying to figure out how to be here once I start back at work. I don't want to lose this. I need this time to be messy, keyed into the sounds of the materials, and lost in creating - not for anything or anyone. 

I met some of my studio mates today. They came by to visit their work and assess when they might be able to fire the next round. We chatted a bit. I explained myself in a nutshell. When we said goodbye, he said "practice detachment", a bit under his breath. Knowing how open I was about my stress levels and "need" for this time, I understood and felt perfectly right in that time and space. 

the start of the tribowl
midway through the tripot